Instructions for adding images to the HKN Gallery
When you click on the Merlin below you will be presented with a form for you to fill out. Please complete the fields at the top of the form. Please remember that this site is to be used primarily to display models of helicopters. Please feel free to add a single picture of the real item for reference.

The fields are as follows:-
Modellers NamePlease enter your name here.
A/C ManufacturerPlease select the manufacturer of the actual aircraft. If the company name does not appear in the list, please enter it into the 'Other' field.
A/C ModelPlease enter the aircraft model or type in this field. Please be as accurate as you can, as this will make it easier to group aircraft of the same type. Preferably please use the normal reporting name of the aircraft, e.g Sea King, Blackhawk, Apache etc.
A/C OperatorPlease enter the operator of the aircraft that has been modelled. e.g. US Army, Royal Air Force, US Coastguard etc
Model ManufacturerPlease select the manufacturer of the model that you have built. If the company name does not appear in the list, please enter it into the 'Other' field.
Kit No. Please enter the manufacturers Kit Number of the model
ScalePlease select the scale of the model.
Accessories/DecalsPlease enter details of any after market accessories or decals that you have used.
eMail Address Please enter your email address so that you may be contacted.
CommentsPlease enter any comments that you would like to add regarding the model that has been made.
Adding Your ImagesYou can add up to 6 images (Please, no images bigger than 800x600)to the form, click on the Browse button and select the image that you want to upload. Once you have selected the image, click on Open. The filename should now appear on the form. Click on Submit Picture to add the image to the form. To add additional images follow the same process by clicking on the next Browse button.
Closing the FormWhen you have completed the form and added your images, click on the Save & Close button. This will submit the form to the gallery and return you to this page.
Click on the Merlin to add your images