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This site has been developed for modellers who would like to display their completed helicopter models, so that they can share their experience and enjoyment with other modellers around the world.

The individual entires are sorted and categorised in various ways, so that users browsing this site can navigate easily to the model or group of models that they would like to view.By using the preset search criteria on the Select Image page, you will be able to select a view displaying models sorted by a particular key piece of information.

Alternatively, by using the search facility, you can search on any specific word contained in a modeller's entry. You also have the facility to choose the method that your model selections are displayed, either by using simple HTML or by using Java Applets, which if compatible with your browser, make it easier to navigate around the site.

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***The Small Print***
There are a couple of rules which we would request that modellers submitting their work follow. These rules are not onerous and are meant so that everyone of any age can enjoy this site.
Please refrain from using any profanity when adding your comments or descriptions to your model entry
Although this is a public site, it is meant for everyone from the youngest modeller to the oldest and we would ask that you all follow the rules of decency.
Should anyone break the spirit of these simple requests, then we will remove the site with no question, thereby spoiling the enjoyment of everybody. If this action is taken we will post an entry to the HKN Discussion forum fully explaining our actions.
Pointer Systems Limited accepts no responsibility or liability regarding the copyright of images added to this site by third party users. If an image is posted to this site which breaks international copyright law, please advise us by email at support@pointersystems.com and we will than happily remove the entry totally from this site.